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Engineering Council Registration FAQ


Q: I am a Chartered Building Engineer currently.  Will I automatically become a CEng after registering my expression of interest?  

A:  No. Chartered Building Engineer is a membership and Chartered Engineer is a registration with the Engineering Council, it is not linked to your membership, both have totally different processes for attainment. Please register your interest for CEng registration to

Q: Can Students, Technicians, Associates or Graduates apply for CEng registration? 

A:  At the moment CEng registration is only open to Chartered Building Engineers or Fellows of CABE. IEng and EngTech will follow from Jan 2021.

Q: Can I apply for CEng registration through CABE immediately after my attainment of Chartered Building Engineer just confirmed by CABE last week? 

A:  Yes, providing that you fulfil the requirements as listed on the UK-SPEC competency framework, please note that this can only be done if you have attained Chartered Building Engineer at level 7, not if you have attained Chartered member at level 6 you will still be required to register your interest to  

Q: What are the general requirements for CEng registration?

A:  Please see CABE’S extensive Guidance notes.

Q: How do I find out if my academic course is accredited? 


A:  All courses accredited by the Engineering Council are listed on the Engineering Council accredited courses database. If your course is not listed on this database, you might find it in one of the following locations:

•  Older courses Accredited older courses 

•  Europe: a large number of European degrees are listed on the European Engineering Education Database (EEED, previously the FEANI INDEX)


•  Outside Europe: courses accredited in overseas countries that are part of the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) can be found on the IEA website. You should use the links on the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord or Dublin Accord accredited programmes pages of the IEA website

Q: Where will the CEng interviews take place? 

A: CEng interviews will take place both in the UK and Internationally.

Q: When will the first interviews be held?

A: Given the current Pandemic crisis, this is difficult to assess, however we hope to be able to undertake interviews remotely should this situation continue for any length of time.

Q: What is the medium of language in conducting the interview?

A: English.

Q: Are there any courses to prepare for the CEng interview or technical report writing?

A: CABE are exploring this and will advise when this is available.  

Q: What’s the approximate timeline for processing each CEng registration, starting from the expression of interest to the announcement of a CEng interview? 

A: This is dependent on so many different factors and the availability of external resources, it is difficult to give an approximate time, we would not anticipate it taking longer than 4 months.

Q: Can I, at any point, during the registration process opt out if I realise that my chances are very slim in gaining CEng registration, would I lose out financially?

A: You are given information at every stage of the process, and a fee structure is applied at every stage, this is detailed within the guidelines you will receive once you start the process, you can withdraw at any time although if you have passed through a stage a refund will not be given if you decide to withdraw.

Q: Is it necessary for me to provide my current employment information for CEng registration? 
A: It is a requirement on the application form.

Q: I am a Chartered Building Engineer and a MCABE Member. Will I be more successful if I am a CABE Fellow? 
A: To apply for CEng registration it is a requirement that you meet the competencies, it isn’t dependent on whether you are a Chartered Building Engineer or FCABE.

Q: I am a former CABE member, I want to re-join CABE in order to get the CEng registration?
A: In order for a past member to join CABE, they must make a new application and pay the appropriate CABE membership subscription fees, if applying within two years since membership ceased, then they are eligible to apply at their previous grade, any application made after two years will need to meet the entry requirements.  Only when your CABE membership has been renewed can you then apply for CEng registration.

Q: If I am unsuccessful at interview can I re-apply for CEng registration again? 
A: Only after 6 months has lapsed following the original interview.

Q: If I am successful and gain CEng registration, can I just renew my CEng registration and not keep my membership with CABE? 
A: CEng registration can only be held if you are a member of a Professional Engineering Institute, you can however transfer your CEng registration to another PEI you hold membership of.

Q: Are there any deadlines for CEng registration? 

A:   No, as long as you are a Chartered Building Engineer and you have paid your full CABE subscriptions you may register for CEng with CABE at any time.

Q: What will be the next stage required for CEng registration after I have registered my interest?    

A:   Once you have registered your interest, you will receive detailed information on the next steps and asked to submit ONLY the following:


•  Comprehensive CV – this must detail your experience, knowledge, and level of roles held. Any academic information will require dates of intake and graduation/pass date, institutions, and subjects studied.

•  Relevant academic certificates to CEng registration requirements – these must be countersigned by two people as true copies.  These persons should either be registered with the Engineering Council, a Chartered Member or Fellow of CABE, your sponsors or a senior manager in your place of work.

Q: I am not sure if I am eligible for CEng registration. May I send my CV to CABE for review before registering my interest?

A: No, it is important that you follow all the necessary procedures set out, Engineering Council have strict procedures we must follow in order to maintain our license.  

Q: How do I pay the fees in relation to CEng registration? If I am an International member do I need to pay in GBP or could I pay for example in another currency?

A: You must pay your fees through our YM system and these are all in Sterling.

Q: Can I decide which route, e.g. Standard Academic Route or Technical Report Route, I am eligible for?

A: No. CABE will advise accordingly on review of your submitted documentation.

Q: I think I am eligible for CEng registration through the Standard Academic Route as outlined on the CABE CEng Guidelines. What if CABE advised me I am eligible for Technical Report Route. Can I lodge an appeal for review against CABE’s decision? 

A: No. At every stage of registration CABE and our Assessors follow the strict rules of the Engineering Council and will advise the route you are eligible for, however if you have proof that your qualification is accredited for CEng registration with no further learning required, then you need to provide that evidence.

Q: How long will the interview’s last for? 

A: This information is in the Guidance notes depending on which route you have been advised to follow, will depend on how long the interview or interviews will last.

Q: I am confident in attaining CEng registration by having a face-to-face interview.  Is there any bridging course for me to enroll in Hong Kong so that I could get gain CEng without assessment or interview?  

A: No. Interviews are a requirement of the Engineering Council.

Q: How is the CEng interview panel composed? What if there is any conflict of interest between me and one of the interview panel members?

A: We have recruited CABE Members who are CEng to serve CEng interview panel members and we will endeavor to ensure there are not conflicts of interest.

Q: What kind of working experience is considered as relevant?

A: Please view the CABE Guidance notes.

Q: I have read the CEng competency framework UK-SPEC I do not believe that I can fulfil all the requirements as listed on CEng competency framework.  Shall I still apply CEng registration through CABE as an attempt? 
A: We would not want any applicant to waste their time. That is why it is very important that you read the Guidance notes and competency frameworks in full UK-SPEC there are fees applied at every stage of the application process and no refunds will be given. If you do not believe you meet all the requirements, you may be eligible for IEng registration instead. 

Q: Could you please share with me how many candidates have been successful in gaining CEng registration in the UK?
A: We will maintain data on numbers of candidates, although no details of the candidates themselves, should anyone wish we can answer those types of questions, however it will take up to 12 months to gain that level of detail.

Q: I am a CABE Member, I have lost my academic certificates, but I believe that CABE has copies of mine.  Can you retrieve them so that I do not need to re-submit them?
A: Unfortunately, as the documentation needs to be countersigned by two people as true copies, CABE cannot use any copies they may hold on file.

Q: If I have been registered with CEng successfully, do I need to do extra CPD hours to fulfil CEng’s requirement? 
A: CABE have strict guidelines on CPD, CEng registrants must adhere to CABE’s CPD requirements, further information is contained within UK-SPEC.   


If your question is not included in the FAQ, please contact us.